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@         For years Genesys Rack Corporation has been serving the needs of each and every customer who calls or logs onto our web site. Customer service is the most important aspect of our business, and we want to be there whenever and wherever you need us. If at any time you need advice, clarification or any additional information about a product we sell, a service we offer or experience any problem whatsoever with our company, we want to hear from you.  Thanks for shopping with us!
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@ Get the support you need when you need.

@     All prices are quoted and are to be paid in U.S. dollars.  All pricing is subject to change without notice. EXCEPTIONS: with 30 days written notification, confirmed scheduled blanket hard copy purchase orders and/or other signed contractual agreements may be subject to price change.  Genesys Rack will honor, at the current price, any backlog determined to be past due.
Minimum Order
@ Genesys Rack has established a minimum shipment of $500 to maintain a cost sufficient order fulfillment program.
Shipping Cycle
@     Upon your schedule and availability of carrier pick DHL/FedEx/UPS, Genesys Rack will strive to ship your order the day that it is received.  For international customers, once payment is received, your order will ship within twenty-four (24) hours, subject to stock availability.  We will honor your shipping instructions should you not require immediate shipment.
Purchase Order
@     Written and signed hard copy purchase orders are required.  All orders are considered firm and are acceptable via fax or mail.
Custom Product Orders
@     If a product ordered by Purchaser is either custom made, modified, special-order or simply not an item that Genesys Rack stocks, and Purchaser is not under a written OEM agreement with Genesys Rack, Purchaser may be required to pay Genesys Rack a non-refundable deposit for the amount that is mutually agreed upon.  Any deposits for products ordered hereunder are non-refundable.  If a product ordered by Purchaser is manufactured according to designs or specifications provided by Purchaser, Purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Genesys Rack , its affiliates, offers, agents and employees, from and against any claims, expenses, losses, attorney fees, costs, damages or liabilities related to third party claims of actual or alleged infringement of intellectual property rights, including without limitation, patent, copyright and trademark violations.
Shipping Method/Carriers
@     Standard orders are shipped ex-works Genesys Rack. Please specify your freight forwarder.  To minimize freight costs for shipments over 500 pounds, please specify your carrier. Shipments requested next day air or morning delivery, will ship UPS-red or Federal Express. These are the most cost effective methods for small parcel air shipments if delivery times are acceptable.
Return Materiel Authorization (RMA)
@     Should it be necessary for any reason to return a product to Genesys Rack, an RMA return authorization number must be obtained and the following procedures must be followed:

    1. Fax request to a Genesys Rack representative stating reason for return and provide: purchase order number, invoice number,Genesys Rack 's part number, and serial number (when applicable) .

    2. Purchaser will be faxed an RMA number and instructions for returning products.

    3. The RMA number must appear on the shipping label of each carton and all shipping documents that are being returned. RMA product must be received by Genesys Rack within thirty (30) days after authorization date.

    4. Purchaser must ship returned products "prepaid" unless Genesys Rack has agreed in writing to other arrangements.

    5. Under all circumstances, any products returned to Genesys Rack must be authorized via Genesys Rack RMA procedures.

    Items being returned must be original Genesys Rack products and covered by an applicable warranty period.  The authorized returned products must be packaged in their original packing material with all components included.  All returned items must be in resalable condition, new or no usage.  If these requirements are not met, Genesys Rack will recover the loss via increased restocking charges or return the products to Purchaser.
Shipping and Damage Claims
@     Any and all shipping claims are your responsibility.  Inspect each shipment upon delivery and IMMEDIATELY report all damage to the carrier. There may be time limits and inspections may be required. Contact your sales representative so that we may provide any assistance possible. In the event of a claim, Genesys Rack invoices must still be honored for payment.
@     For international customers, the primary method of transacting business is prepayment via wire transfer of funds (T/T) irrevocable letters of credit. For L/Cs please contact our international sales department for instructions, guidelines and other acceptable payment methods.
@     Genesys Rack warrants to the original purchaser that its external enclosure products including the components therein, shall be free from defects in material and craftsmanship for a limited period of two years from the date of invoice.  All other products carry limited lifetime warranties.  These are the only warranties Genesys Rack offers. 
Force Majeure
@     Genesys Rack shall not be liable for product delivery delay or failure to deliver products due to wars, civil disturbances, strikes, accidents, fires, floods, storms, acts of God, or the inability to obtain necessary labor, energy, water, raw or finished materials, facilities, government priorities or allocations, transportation or other causes beyond Genesys Rack's control.

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